Welcome to Stardust and Lightblades

Stardust & Lightblades, also known as S&L, is a MUD that strives to blend scifi and medieval fantasy together with a bit of steampunk flavor. It is an RP based game where you create and control a character that can become almost anything. We have been doing our best to provide more than just the hack-and-slash or pvp environments most conform to, instead focusing on creating a more varied experience for multiple types of players. The goal is to not only draw in a player, but also give them a world they want to return to. For look at what we have in place or are working on putting in please see our Features page.

The game is currently in early development (alpha) stages but is able to accept new accounts and new people are always welcome. We are also willing to allow people to help out with building and maybe become part of the staff if interested.

Take a look around the site, visit the game, and above all have fun!